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.com/nbr. >>> in detroit, the city becomes the largest to enter bankruptcy. what happens next? >> auto makers symbol of detroit's economy sold more cars than expected in november. but can the pace of sales continue into the new year? >> and falling behind, american students are lagging other nations in reading, math and science. what changes need to be made to ensure future generations can compete in a global economy? we have that and more tonight on "nightly business report" for this tuesday, december 3rd. >>> good evening everyone and welcome. i'm tyler mathisen. remember how great the month november was for stock investors, records and consecutive weeks of gains? hold that thought because so far december has gone the other way. fast. in fact, the dow and s&p 500 today ended lower for a third straight session. logging their biggest three-day decline in two months. some on wall street say stock prices are too high and they are taking profits and there is a pull back and this is the start of it, or maybe consumer spending, soggy so far this holiday season or the fed's seeing the blowout auto sales?
from washington. >>> still ahead, how safe is your pension whether you work for a city, state or private company? >>> the price of oil moved higher for the fourth session in a row. crude prices up today more than a dollar closing at a five-week high. >>> meanwhile, opec oil meeting today decided to keep production quotas unchanged. the decision comes despite a new burst of oil production in the u.s. and the possible return of iran's oil to the market. steve has more. >> reporter: they decided to keep output levels unchanged, a lot of questions remain for 2014. with the announcement that arir is back at the top table. iran is having report with the west over nuclear issues and potentially in 2014 we could see more iranian oil come to the market. it's technically they hope to put 4 million barrels of oil on the market later in 2014, once sanctions were aid but iraq is producing 3.75, 4 million barrels a day and there are hopes nigeria and libya can produce more oil and this could lead to over surprise at some stage in 2014 but the next meeting scheduled for opec is june 11th. it
of president and della. an advocate for justice and equality in his own right. i met with him in new york city to talk about nelson mandela's great contributions to the world. envious and jealous of you for so many reasons, not the least of which is that handsome visage i am looking at right now, but you have had a chance to befriend everybody, duboise, martin luther king, paul robeson, nelson mandela. out of all the people you have been friends with and struggled with, what makes nelson mandela so uniquely different? >> the people i have been privileged to serve, nelson mandela was the one i least suspected i would ever come to me, personally. i tried several times when he was incarcerated, to gain the privilege of visiting him, but the system would not permit that. himarted corresponding with while he was in prison. i had come to be aware of him through my mentor, the man who i most admired, paul robeson. e was very close to king against thewas apartheid system in the early day of its presence in south africa. he was the first black man to ever receive the nobel prize. looking at south afric
is in urban xd areas, certain citiesk a+m al ttj higher than lpthat. the city ofjf sea-tac just passd one, doesn't cover everyone, but airport and for hotels near the airport, the city of seattle's looking for a much higher minimum wage. what we've seen from the research on minimum wages in general is overalli] it has a tremendous boost in people's evidence shows either no impact on employment or very small. now we haven't looked at -- we haven't seen a broad-based past. wo calling for in their industry to have $15 an hour andt( aÑi unio. and it's -- it'sÑpp sensibleç!ñó demand. >> there are a number of t(stud though, that will contradict what you're saying. for example, david newmark, economics professor at u.c. t( 5% reduction in employment. there'se1 ane1 economicst( prof at university of massachusetts amherst who says if we dojf lpt a $15 an hour, it could push up fast food prices by 20%. and hurting thefájfiúsery low-i families. that a higher minimum wage ist( intended to help because they often frequent fast food places meal, lower costxd type of meal. what do you make of tho
picture -- the story of a city's bipartisan lust for power, cash and notoriety, so overpowering that everyone and everything else gets sucked into its undertow. government becomes no longer the servant of the people, but in the thrall of big money, lobbyists and a media happy to live off its fancy leftovers in a feeding frenzy of gossip and shallow speculation. how appropriate that a capital built on a swamp has sunk so low into the stinking mud. mark leibovich is the chief national correspondent for "the new york times magazine" and is the author of "this town," which has everyone who's anyone in washington talking and whispering. what a tale it is. mark leibovich is with me now. welcome. >> hi bill. good to be here. >> i've read your book twice. it's fun to read. it's eye opening. i learned a lot from it. and yet, at the core of it, there's a tragic story. do you see that? >> absolutely. i didn't see it fully as i was writing it, but i see it in how people outside of washington have reacted to it. the tragic story is that what has grown up in this city that was supposedly buil
after president obama raised the federal minimum wage. workers in 100 u.s. cities called on corporate bosses to increase wages to as much as $15 an hour. so what will that mean for businesses and for those workers? hampton pearson has the story. >> reporter: the biggest push yet for higher pay started early this morning with protests and calls for a fast food worker raise in more than 100 cities, including very vocal disruptors in pittsburgh. in atlanta. >> make our wages supersized. >> reporter: and a large crowd on the move in detroit. mcdonalds is the primary target with calls from coast-to-coast for a super siesized minimum waf $15 an hour, more than double. >> my checks alone don't pay my rent a month. my rent is 1050, i get food stamps and i'm structuraling. >> if they pay us enough money, you know, during the process of it all for what we're doing here today and stuff, then we'll be able to make, you know, pay our bills, you know, and live a descent life and stuff. >> reporter: mcdonalds said our owner operators are committed to providing employees with opportunities to succeed
neighborhoods. wells fargo and citi group had red lining. that says the city, settled minority mortgage holders with loans they couldn't afford. both banks call the charges baseless. >>> while many big banks are cautious about approving mortgages, smaller banks are swooping in. and as diana olick explains, borrowers are paying attention. >> reporter: brian is about to buy a larger home for his growing family just outside minneapolis. this is not his first foray into the mortgage process. >> i had experiences in the past with a larger lender, dealing with home purchases and i just didn't feel like a special person. i felt like a number. >> reporter: so this time he went with water stone mortgage, a small eer lender based in the midwest. >> it's a smoother process. >> reporter: brian is among a growing number of borrowers turning to non-bank lenders and community banks. their share of the market is 60% compared to 39% in 2009 according to inside mortgage finance. >> i think it's a combination of independent mortgage bankers and community banks taking advantage of niches and some larger banks e le
made that aided in 1982than most was when i moved to new york city for the first time, it was the first explosion. big fan, i really up --t went and set wentin set up a glass ceiling. i thought he has it covered. i am going to go over here and try to develop my own sound. one of the ways i did that was to be the trumpet player and jazz musician singers go to. later my big rate eating the solo player for staying. that aided me in so many ways. that really aided me to separate , butom straight up jazz taking elements of jazz and making it into fusion. how does being nla versus ?ew york impact your craft >> i am super lucky. i have been on a world tour. yorklace i am most is new i think when you reach a certain level you become an international act. to me they let me play one night a year, and then i am out. it is more fun for me to come to l.a. tavis: since you have got your horn with you i am going to ask you to play something. before you do that, your latest project is called impressions. by chris play out botti. ♪ ♪ [applause] tavis: booker t is among the best. an accomplished musi
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)